August 4, 2010

Henna Treatment for Hair Care and Natural Color

Posted in Category : Hair Care

Hair care with henna is very common in many parts of the world. The henna plant contains several compounds that help to give hair a semi-permanent or permanent color. In most cases, at least two successive sessions are required to ensure that the color is permanent but this largely depends on the individual’s hair. Unlike cosmetic dyes that tend to fade away after a certain number of washes, hair care with henna ensures lasting results. In addition to this, cosmetic products generally contain a slew of chemical additives, some of which are necessary ingredients and some which only add to the texture, smell, and overall presentation of the product. These chemicals tend to damage the strand of hair and when these products are used over prolonged periods, they can leave the person’s hair coarse and dry. Hair care with henna products can be used to color as well as condition an individual’s hair. This is because the hair care henna products often contain natural additives that help to provide the hair with essential nutrients.

Hair care henna products generally use a combination of henna an indigo. Indigo is a natural dye which produces a blue color while henna provides a red or orange tint. A mixture of these two natural ingredients therefore gives the hair a dark brown color which is the result of the combination of orange and blue. These henna products for hair care are generally slightly acidic in nature and this is actually beneficial to hair. While most people believe that acids will damage their hair, it has been scientifically proven that natural acids are mild and are actually beneficial as they help to make one’s hair less frizzy. Henna hair care products can be used on a regular basis to keep your hair smooth and silky and give it a rich and lustrous sheen.

Henna has been approved by the FDA as a hair dye and it is quite easy to find henna hair care products at most stores. In many cases, the product is sold as a powder that has to be mixed with an adequate amount of water to form a paste. Black tea or herbal tea could be used instead of water as this will impart a darker richer color to the hair. In addition to this, one can also add a few spoons of lemon juice along with a small quantity of fresh tomato juice as this will help to increase the acidity of the paste and provide lasting color.