March 24, 2010

Fissured Tongue – Causes And Treatment

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There could be various causes of fissured tongue. However, to start with, it is important that you be aware that a fissured tongue is mostly a benign occurrence and does not cause any problems per se. The grooving and specific texture of the tongue is considered to be a regular anomaly, and seen as just another structure of the physiology of the tongue. In a lot of cases, this primarily visual problem is known to run in families. Do not be surprised if you see various types of fissured tongues running in a single family. In some cases, it is also a feature of children and adults affected with Down’s Syndrome. Once again, no specific reason can be attributed to this, except that it is there! If you or someone you know has a fissured tongue, you should start by getting a proper and detailed medical examination done. In all likelihood, if the person has crossed the age of 5 years, this will be just another physical feature as opposed to being a sign of any serious problems or trouble. In any case, if you have been regularly examined by doctors, you will be made aware of this as a problem if it is indeed one.

Fissured Tongue Cure

Generally, since there is no problem to speak of, there is no cure for a fissured tongue either. But there is a distinct possibility that there may be a couple of basic issues associated with it. For example, if the tongue is deeply grooved or fissured, you may find that food particles get stuck in the fissures. When this happens, and you have not managed to get all the food out, it may begin to tor and cause fowl smelling odors. In some cases, if a cut develops, there may also be the fear of infection. The only solution you have for this problem is to clean out your tongue regularly. You can buy a tongue cleaner from the pharmacy, or, if one is not available in the area where you live, you can also order it from the internet. This is a pretty standard and basic device, but it can be extremely helpful in keeping your problems at bay. You will also need to rinse out your mouth after each meal. This is a simple enough process to follow, even though it may take a few extra minutes of your time. Remember to maintain good oral hygiene always.