February 4, 2010

Bleeding Tongue Remedy

Posted in Category : Common Ailments

A bleeding tongue can cause severe discomfort, making everyday tasks such as eating and speaking difficult. Biting the tongue too hard or certain injuries to the tongue can all make the tongue bleed. This condition does not normally call for medical help, as it tends to resolve on its own accord over a period of time. However, if the bleeding does not stop or the injury that has caused the condition is severe, then consulting a physician is highly recommended. There are several home remedies that can help in treating a bleeding tongue. First and foremost avoid eating any spicy or hot food. This will simply aggravate the situation. Resort to eating cold foods till the tongue has totally healed.


Take an ice cube and place it over the injured part till it melts totally. This will have a numbing effect, which in turn will help in reducing the pain to quite a large extent. Rinsing your mouth with chilled water will also help in combating pain. Add a teaspoon of salt to a glass of warm water. This solution should then be used as a mouthwash several times a day. In fact sipping, on this solution throughout the day will also yield positive results. Another useful remedy involves consuming a cup of unflavored yogurt till the cut or injury heals totally. Lemon balm extract is also considered to be a great remedy to stop bleeding tongue. Mix a small quantity of the juice with a small amount of olive oil or aloe vera juice. This mixture should then be applied on to the affected area 2-3 times a day. This will help in soothing the injured site while also helping in a speedy recovery.

Butter is also known to be effective for this condition, place a small piece of butter on to the concerned area. Ensure that you do not suck on it, but allow it to melt naturally. This remedy if performed 2-3 times a day, will hasten the healing process. Consume foods that are rich in vitamin B as this will also aid the healing process. Another vitamin that is known to be beneficial is vitamin C. Avoid smoking and alcoholic beverages, as this will not only aggravate the condition, but it will increase the risk of an infection setting in. Finally, maintain a high level of oral hygiene, as this will also reduce the chances of an infection.