Treatment for recurring tongue ulcer

Tongue ulcers are not only painful but they also make every little action difficult. Routine actions such as a natural tendency to swallow spit can suddenly cause pain. However, there are things you can do to help clear that tongue ulcer and ease the pain. It appears that you are already aware of some of the foods that could aggravate that tongue ulcer. One cannot continue to eat such food and expect the ulcer to heal on its own. As you might have noticed, the tongue ulcer will only get worse if you insist on snacking on certain foods or on specific varieties of food. You would be better off without spicy food or any food which is likely to cause further irritation. At the same time, healthy eating is a must and nutrition must not be compromised. You would be advised to take good dental care in the meanwhile, since it is easy to slip up on account of the pain caused. There are a lot of different thoughts as to the development of ulcers in a person’s mouth and different disorders, such as herpes simplex, might have caused them in your case. While a lot of theories are thought to be baseless, the occurrence of mouth ulcers still leaves questions about possible causes. If what you have is a canker sore, it is important that healing take place on its own. This sore is one of the most common forms in which you find mouth ulcers. In such cases, medicines are mostly ineffective and such ulcers on the tongue need time to heal. However, two years is too long for a regular tongue ulcer. Canker sores would not take so long since the symptoms associated with these tend to dissipate within a fortnight. A doctor would have to examine your mouth to determine the course of tongue ulcer treatment.

One has to understand that in most cases, such ulcers would not require any kind of intervention. Those lasting over a fortnight might require help in the form of a certain antibiotic, but even this comes with the risk of the sore developing into an infection such as oral thrush. It would be important to visit a health care practitioner, since any injury could have led to further canker sores. Furthermore, you should know that most people would be advised to seek out medical help if such a sore would last for over the usual duration of two weeks. This is because mouth cancer and other serious disorders might be a possibility.

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