May 26, 2009

Enlarged Pores Treatment

Posted in Category : Beauty

Enlarged pores are a common issue with many people. There are many reasons for enlarged pores. They may have come down to you through your genes. People with oily skin generally have larger pores than those with dry skin. Over exposure to sun may also cause your pores to enlarge. If you shave regularly (on the arms and legs or other parts of the body) your pores may enlarge over a period of time as well. Sometimes your pores may not actually be enlarged and may only appear to be large due to poor skin care and a lack of exfoliation. Enlarged pores generally house what are commonly known as blackheads. Unfortunately blackheads work both ways, they may appear due to enlarged pores and once there, they may further enlarge your pores. The first step to deal with blackheads and enlarged pores is regular cleaning of the skin. Try and wash your face with a soap free cleanser and slightly warm water at least twice a day. Gently massage the areas which have larger pores with a little extra face wash and then rinse your face well. If your face has enlarged pores, try steaming your face to clean the pores. Use a facial steam, and while the pores are wet, scrub gently with a towel. This will help exfoliate and clean the pores.

The purpose of cleaning the pores is to remove anything that settles in them which may further expand them. If the pores are clean they may reduce over time. Keeping your skin oil free may also help. To exfoliate your skin, gently rub the skin with a towel immediately after bathing. Exfoliation is a process which removes the dead cells of your skin, keeping it clean and oil free. Try and avoid sun damage to your skin. Wear a sun block whenever exposing yourself directly to the sun. Nourish your skin with vitamin A internally as well as externally. Vitamin A helps reduce pore visibility. Carrots, sweet potatoes, butter, spinach, mango, papaya and leafy vegetables are rich sources of vitamin A. Organ meat such as liver is also rich in Vitamin A. For external use you can dry papaya or mango peels, crush them, mix in a bit of water to form a paste and apply it as a face pack. This face pack may help with pore visibility as well. There are many over the counter creams available which are rich in Vitamin A or what is also known as retinol. These can also be used to take care of large pores.