February 19, 2010

Diet Food For Treating Hyperglycemia

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Hyperglycemia Diet

Diabetics need to keep a constant check on their blood sugar levels. They have to make sure at all times that their blood sugar levels remain steady. Increased blood sugar levels, in a diabetic person, over a prolonged period of time can result in a condition known as hyperglycemia. Thus, hyperglycemia is condition that is characterized by an increase in the blood sugar levels. Let us look at how the two conditions are related. Diabetes is basically an outcome of the body’s inability to produce insulin or its inability to use the insulin that is produced in the right manner. Now, the food that we eat is eventually broken down into glucose, a type of sugar. After every meal, the pancreas produces insulin, a hormone that plays a very critical role in the body’s metabolic processes.

Insulin is responsible for transferring the glucose from the blood stream into the cells, where it is used for energy. When there is a lack of insulin, the glucose in the blood stream has nowhere to go. As a result of which it starts accumulating or building up in the blood stream. Elevated levels of glucose, in a person’s bloodstream over a prolonged period of time, then results in this condition, known as hyperglycemia. Thus, whether it is type 1 or type 2 diabetes, hyperglycemia is related to complications in the manner in which insulin is produced or utilized. Hyperglycemia can prove to be fatal if it is left untreated. The condition could result in a coma or even death.

Hyperglycemia Food

Patients that have been diagnosed with hyperglycemia will need to consume foods that will keep their glucose levels in check. Individuals with type 1 diabetes will need to consume foods that are low in added sugars, fat and salt. Green vegetables, fresh fruits, lentils, dried beans like kidney beans and pinto beans, fish, non fat dairy products like skim milk, non fat yogurt and non fat cheese and whole grained food items are recommended. For those suffering from type 2 diabetes food that can be consumed include; onions, mushrooms, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, spring onions, radish, asparagus, parsley, spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, turnip, French beans and cabbage. Additionally, mustard, fish eggs, clear soups, fish, meat extract, tomato juice and lemon juice can also be had. Individuals suffering from either type of diabetes should avoid chips, cookies, cakes, high-fat ice cream, sugar, glucose, jam, honey, syrups, pies, puddings, sweet biscuits and thick sauces.