I have constant itching all over my body. I think it is caused due to diabetic neuropathy. Is there any kind of vitamin or natural remedy which I could take for this?

Diabetic neuropathy is the result of nerve damage due to prolonged diabetic condition in the body. Nerves in the body are damaged by the consistent high blood sugar and may result in pain, numbness, and a tingling feeling all over the body. Although diabetic naturopathy can affect the whole body, hands and feet are at most risk. Diabetic neuropathy is the most common consequence of diabetes and can lead to serious complications if proper care is not taken. Diabetic neuropathy shows four different categories based upon type of nerves affected. Peripheral neuropathy, the first and the most common type, affects the nerves at the feet, legs, hand, and arms. Common symptoms of this type include irritation, tingling, or numbness, along with weakness and foot sores and infections. Autonomic neuropathy, the second type, affects the nerves at heart, lungs, eyes, digestive system, and sex organs. Common symptoms of this type are urinary malfunction, digestive problem, erectile dysfunction, and frequent changes in blood pressure. Proximal neuropathy, the third type, usually affects the hips and thighs. The common symptoms of this type are pain and weakness near the buttock, difficulty in movement, accompanied by loss of weight. Focal neuropathy, the fourth type, is mostly seen in older adults and affects only a particular nerve. The common symptoms of this type are facial paralysis or distortion and double vision.

Although high blood sugar is associated with diabetic neuropathy, it is not exactly clear how the nerves get damaged. It seems high blood sugar interferes with the nerves’ ability to transmit signal and also destroys the capillaries. High blood pressure and diabetic neuropathy can also be flared by smoking and alcohol abuse. Autoimmune process of the body and genetic factors may also cause this condition. The remedy of diabetic neuropathy is associated with diabetes treatment, since it is diabetes that leads to this condition in the first place. So, the remedy methods are not very different from diabetes treatment. Since total cure is very rare, once this condition develops, it is necessary to take steps to slow the progress by following a healthy routine of diet and exercise. Keep blood pressure and blood sugar level in control and avoid smoking and drinking. You should also take proper care of your feet so that it does not develop any kind of sores or ulcers. However, to better manage your condition, you should get in touch with a physician and ask for proper medical advice because diabetic neuropathy can be quite fatal if not treated properly.

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