March 3, 2010

Causes and Remedies for Testicle Cancer

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Tumors around the testicular area are considered to be one of the most promising signs of being affected by testicular cancer. Testicular cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer affecting young men and recent studies have shown that around 7500 new cases are diagnosed on a yearly basis. The condition primarily affects men between the ages of 15 and 40, but has a high rate of curability. The tumors that form in almost 90 percent of testicular cancer cases will be painless, but some patients may experience a heavy sensation in the scrotum area. One of the biggest problems with diagnosing the condition is the fact that a number of cases will see no prominent symptoms present.

There are two main types of testicular tumors known as Leydig cell tumors and Sertoli cell tumors. Both tumors may tend to overproduce male sex hormones, known as androgens, and female sex hormones, known as estrogens. The estrogens will cause breast growth in men as well as a decreased libido while the over production of androgens will cause a noticeable increase in facial hair growth. While the exact cause of testicular cancer is still largely unknown, there are a number of factors that are known to increase the likelihood of being affected by it. For example, hereditary plays a part where the condition is passed down from one generation to another within the same blood line. Besides hereditary, other medical defects such as an undescended testicle increases the risk of developing the condition.

One of the most effective home remedies used to treat testicular cancer is with the help of dandelion root. The root of the flowering plant is dried and powdered after which one teaspoon of it is boiled in a cup of either water or milk. Once the mixture cools down, filter it and drink it once a day for a period of 5 months for best results. Grape seed is also very highly regarded for its benefits when suffering from testicular cancer. All you need to do is crush about 50 grams of the grape seeds into a fine paste before you boil it with 250 ml or water for a period of thirty minutes. Drinking roughly 15 ml of this extract, twice daily for a period of six months will see the prognosis of the condition improve significantly. The additional benefit of natural remedies is the fact that they have no side effects, unlike most modern medicine.