March 3, 2010

Natural Ear Wax Removal

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Ear wax can be irritating and painful. A large build up of ear wax can cause itching, blockage or even hearing loss. While using home remedies for removal of ear wax one has to be very careful because these remedies if not done properly can cause damage and can be dangerous. Make sure to be very cautious while using home remedies and if one is not sure about using them, it is always better to get the ear wax removed professionally. There are glands in the ear canals in our ears which keep on producing wax which helps moisten, protect and clean the air canal. Usually our ears need cleaning unless one has a tendency of wax build up. Use a sea water ear spray for this purpose. It is mild as well as effective.

Ear wax Removal Safety

The safest and the easiest home remedy for ear wax removal is with the use of mineral oil. Buy some mineral oil and heat it so that it warms a little and becomes soft. Fill this melted wax in an eye dropper. Lie sideways with your ear on a towel. Pour a few drops in the opposite ear and remain still for some time. Then turn on the other side and repeat the same process for the other ear. Repeat this process for a few days till the ear wax is softened. To flush and remove this wax, use a few teaspoons of warm water. Fill a syringe with this warm water. Lie sideways and flush ears with this warm water. After this is done one can wash ears with apple cider vinegar, it helps in restoring the initial pH balance.

How to get rid of Ear Wax?

Do not try any dangerous means and methods to remove ear wax. Hydrogen peroxide method to dissolve ear plugs and the ear candle methods are very dangerous and can cause serious damage if not used properly and carefully. These methods can lead to a sensitive ear canal or even a punctured ear drum. Also hydrogen peroxide is a too strong chemical to be put in the delicate ear canal. Use only those methods that you are completely sure of. For daily ear wax removal never use cotton swabs, hair pins, fingers, fingernails or any other things as they can cause damage as well as they just compact the ear wax which makes it harder. In case of severe pain, yellow or white discharge consult an ENT doctor immediately as this can be an ear infection which needs medical attention.