Cure for inflamed swollen testicle

Testicle swelling could be observed on account of a variety of reasons. It might be best to let your doctor take a look at the testicle to get a better idea of possible causes. Usually, swelling is a common problem that is observed during the course of a regular testicle examination. Such a physical examination will usually reveal the factors behind testicular inflammation or pain, and swelling. Furthermore, it could also tell us about congenital abnormalities like an undescended testicle. In your case, the testicular problem appears to be something known as orchitis. This condition could affect just one testicle (such as the right one in your situation) or it could afflict both. This effectively refers to an inflammation, and the reason behind such testicular inflammation would be some infection. The cause here would be bacterial spread, since the blood may be used by bacteria to affect the testicle even though the origin of the bacteria is some other part of your system. While an infection is typically behind such inflammation of the testicle or testicles, there could be other reasons. Progression of epididymitis could also be behind your problem. This infection is one that afflicts the tube which is responsible for transporting one’s semen from one’s testicles. If it is a progression of this disease, the term epididymo-orchitis is used. It is not just bacteria but also viruses which may lead to orchitis. Look for other symptoms like localized pain, blood in semen or malaise. It would be best to describe any symptoms that might be linked to this testicular swelling and pain. Let your doctor subsequently examine you and guide you in treatment for swollen right testicle. Do bear in mind that orchitis symptoms are likely to progress and make things worse for you. This could happen even when you get treatment so it would be best to begin your treatment immediately.

If the problem is orchitis, then the solution might be to get rid of the bacteria that cause the swollen testicle via antibiotics. When it comes to home treatment, the swollen testicle might feel better if properly supported and elevated. This could take the form of briefs that have a snug fit. You could even use a widely available athletic supporter. Furthermore, initially the testicle might benefit from ice packs. Such application should take care of most cases of general swelling, even with other ailments, if done in the initial few days.

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