May 21, 2009

Cure For Hiccups Treatment

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Hiccups need to be addressed quickly and efficiently. They can become really tiresome, particularly if they persist. Sometimes, hiccups are known to go on for a couple of days or so. This can only leave you feeling completely exhausted, and stuck with a bad tummy ache as well! To deal with the problem effectively, you need to see a doctor without further delay. Only a doctor can make an accurate diagnosis. In some rare cases, hiccups can also be caused due to some sort of a problem with the diaphragm. There are a few well documented causes for hiccups that last long. However, it must be noted that they are too few to be called a norm. sometimes, the rare occurrence of an abscess or a tumor of some sort in the diaphragm could be the cause of excessive hiccupping. But only a doctor can determine this for you, so you should consult with one as soon as you possibly can. There is a nerve that lies along side the diaphragm called the phrenic nerve. Any irritation or any sort of damage to this nerve could lead could lead to coughing or even prolonged hiccups. In any case, you can try out some tried and tested methods to get rid of them before you resort to seeking medical help.

Natural Cures

The quickest way to help hiccups and also believed to be the most effective is bending down and touching your toes without bending your knees. Since the problem lies with the diaphragm, it can be relieved by stretching the diaphragm to some extent. If there is a pulled nerve or something similar, then this may just be the cure you need to push it back in place. Try doing this frequently and about 5 to 10 times each time. You could also try an old wives’ tale that dictates you should eat a spoon full of sugar to take care of this problem. Drinking a tall glass of hot water should also be helpful in taking care of your hiccups. It will act like something of a shock to your system and may just enable your hiccups to stop. Sometimes, an extreme emotional reaction can also stop hiccupping. For instance, if you are startled or chocked by a loud sound, you could stop at once. Get someone to help you with this. If these remedies don’t show any results, you may have to opt for medical help.