What can i take to cure a case of chronic hiccups. It is effecting my sleep, eating, talking, everything. I have had them for over a week now.

Hiccups are the reaction to common digestive disturbance. Usually hiccups stop on their own. Hiccups lasting for more than a day are not good. As you had hiccups for more than one week, it disturbs your sleep, eating, talking and everything seems to be serious. It is better to see the doctor. You can try these home remedies for hiccups before going to doctor. Some of those are –

  • Swallowing any dry ingredients like sugar may give relief.
  • Holding your breath will also give relief from hiccups.
  • Gargling water for few minutes also helps.
  • Also try sipping ice water quickly.
  • Eating one teaspoon of peanut butter every day also helps.
  • Drink cold soda water quickly.
  • Sit on a chair. Pull knees to your chest to compress. It may help.
  • Touch the back of your tongue with your finger. It stimulates the nerve. Diaphragm stops from hiccuping.
These remedies are certainly beneficial. But if there is no benefit from these remedies, please rush to your doctor.

answered by R S

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