Continuous hiccups, How to stop hiccups, Remedy for recurring hiccups: I have had the hiccups now for 24 hours and I have one about every 5-10 seconds?

Hiccups that have gone on continually for a whole day are not a good sign. This indicates that something is not right. In order to get a handle on the situation, it is imperative that you see a doctor at once. Sometimes, there can be serious complications that are leading to this bout of continual hiccupping. There are some well documented causes for hiccups that last this long, although there are very few to call any of them a norm. It could be a problem with your diaphragm that is leading to this problem. An abscess or a tumor in the diaphragm can lead to bouts of such excessive and continual hiccupping. Along the diaphragm lies a nerve known as the phrenic nerve. Sometimes, if this nerve is irritated, it could lead to could lead to abnormalities such as long term coughing. There are some simple old wives' remedies that you should try to resolve the problem before you move towards seeking medical help.

It is believed that eating a large dinner spoon full of sugar quickly will help to stop hiccupping. You could also try to touch your toes, as this is also considered to be an effective remedy to stop hiccupping. Make it a point not to bend your knees while touching your toes, however. Do it about five to 10 times and see if it makes any difference. Alternately, you can also drink a large glass of warm water in very large gulps and see if this will shock your hiccups into stopping. If none of these remedies work, then you may have to go for medical procedures. In extreme cases, sometimes surgery may be called for as well. The phrenic nerve along the diaphragm may have to be frozen or removed to stop the hiccupping quickly and permanently.

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