May 27, 2008

Alternative Therapies For Arthritis Pain Relief

Posted in Category : Bone, Joint & Muscles Disorders

Arthritis occurs due to the improper functioning of the lubrication system of the joint. Therefore, whenever these joints are moved, they pain. There are several simple things, which the patient can do in order to get arthritis pain relief.

Taking nutrition supplements is one of the simple and effective ways. The nutritional supplements for calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D, etc, are generally advised by the doctors. Nevertheless, the supplements should be taken only on the prescription of the doctor. This is because their over dose can have serious side effects.

The doctor will first study the patient and then prescribe the nutrient, which is lacking in the body of the patient. If the right supplements are taken then in most of the cases the patient is relived from pain as well as arthritis.

Another effective way of reducing the pain or is exercising. Generally, people would think that exercises would increase the pain. However, this is not true. Doing light exercises is in-fact beneficial.

Massaging the affected joint is the best and instant arthritis pain relief, technique. Doing light massage with the hand, over the joint, works immediately. The patient himself can do the massage with his own hands and therefore there is no need of any help. The massage oils and massage creams may aid in getting relief from arthritis.

Massaging is however a temporary solution for arthritis pain relief. Nevertheless, it is very useful in a situation when sudden pain arises in the joint. In such situations, the pain can be unbearable and the patient may need instant relief from it. Massaging is ideal for such cases.

Reducing the excess weight is one of the arthritis pain reliefs; advice, the doctors will give. The reduction in weight will also reduce the load on the joints and therefore they will have to face lesser mechanical stress. This will eventually reduce the pain in such joints.

Apart from these simple things, the patient can also benefit for the techniques as acupressure and acupuncture, or medication. There are several drugs available for arthritis pain relief. Some of them are to be taken orally, while some are to be taken through injection on the affected joint. The drugs, which can be applied superficially, also are available.

All these method are only temporary solutions for arthritis pain relief. Some of them like, taking nutritional supplements also can cure arthritis.