March 19, 2010

Acupuncture Pressure Points For A Good Sleep

Posted in Category : Acupressure

One of the basic things to know about acupuncture is that in order to administer it, you need to be qualified to do so. It is not a small feat to puncture a hole in your skin, not allowing for it to bleed, and still hitting the point it needs to touch in order for it to have an effect. So unless you have some sort of training in administering pressure points to yourself, you are strongly advised to not do so. You could instead try to administer pressure points to yourself by using the alternative science of acupressure. This would only involve applying pressure to your relevant points so that you can find relief. You can use your thumb to apply these points as well, and you would not have to use any needles either. One of the best pressure points for insomnia is the inner part of the wrist, right below the joint. Use three fingers between the exact joint and mark a point on the other side of your hand, below the three fingers. Apply pressure in quick and firm indentations by your thumb, holding the wrist between the thumb and forefinger. Another equally effective point is the base of your palm, where the little finger ends. Trace a line from your little finger, going to the wrist and stop at the deep line where your palm ends. Press down hard on this, once again holding with your thumb and other fingers.

Your ankles are also rife with points that can be used to control sleep disorders. You can press down upon the inner and outer part of your ankle bone with your thumb as well as the rest of your fingers. There are points on both sides which will be simultaneously pressed down together and will result in excellent sleep for you. You also need to make sure that you apply steady and constant pressure for some time. Each point should be worked upon for at least 60 seconds each time. It would be good if you can apply pressure for more than five 60 second sessions. You can also cradle your skull and press down on the base of the skull. There are also some excellent points here which will be useful in aiding and assisting with sleep. Apart from acupressure, you can also use the technique of massage on your temples to induce deep and long sleep.