Whats a good treatment for sore or broken ribs. Do you think acupuncture would help speed up the healing process?

Bruising and fracture of ribs are immensely painful and may be characterized by pain and tenderness of rib bones and difficulty in deep breathing. Some of the causes of bruising and fracturing of rib bones are as under:

  • Repetitive Trauma: This is caused by frequent and regular trauma caused by certain sports like rowing and golf, and frequent coughing as in pneumonia.
  • Physical Injury: These may be caused by accidents and falls.

When it comes to fractured ribs healing, it is always best to consult a doctor and heed his/her advice. In most cases, injuries heal within a few weeks, and till then, all you can do is get some rest. Some of the home remedies for healing bruised ribs are as follows:

  • You can wrap a tape around your ribs to facilitate re-joining of broken bones or to give support to sprained ribs. However, get this done by a doctor, as incorrect alignment can cause further damage.
  • You can apply hot or cold compresses on the affected region to relieve pain.
  • Deep breathing exercises can be practiced, after discussing with your doctor, to alleviate the condition and facilitate healing.
  • Your doctor will prescribe you pain medication; this is the best means to relieve the pain caused by broken and bruised ribs.

answered by G M

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