My uncle is 53 yrs old. He is able to sleep for only a couple of hours every night. Due to this his blood pressure and stress level has increased. He takes Ashwagandha twice everyday. How can he get good sleep?

We spend about one third of our life sleeping and there is a good reason for it. During the hours of the day that we are awake, our bodily functions are fast paced. Too many things are happening simultaneously. The brain is over active, the nerves are sending signals to and fro and the blood vessels are working hard. All of this takes up energy and somewhere, the organs get fatigued. To give our nerves and our organs some rest, we need sleep. It is not that while we are asleep, the organs don’t function. The organs keep functioning; however, they do so in a more relaxed manner. The stress is relieved while we sleep and the organs feel the difference. It is while we are sleeping that the cells get the time to repair themselves. The waste material too gets collected for disposal while we are asleep. Losing sleep could have an impact on our cognitive functions. The brain too experiences an over load and needs rest.

In your uncle’s case, the problem is a little complicated. The stress that he suffers doesn’t let him sleep and the lack of sleep causes more stress to the body and the brain. Therefore, in his case, this is a cyclical process that needs to be stopped so that both his mind and body can rejuvenate. Sleep should be a part of the regular routine. The brain controls an internal body clock that we set for ourselves. A deep sleep of 6-8 hours everyday is an absolute necessity. If you skip sleep for even one night, the result is constant irritation, delayed response and reflexes, diminished concentration, and many digestive disorders. Some people think that taking a hot bath will relax you and put you to sleep. However, it is best to not take a hot bath before going to bed. Our body’s temperature lowers itself when we go to sleep. However, when we take a hot bath, the temperature rises and sleep vanishes. If your uncle drinks wine or alcohol before sleeping, ask him to refrain from it. Also, make sure that his room is cool.

If he watches TV before going to sleep, advise him to turn off the TV at least 30 minutes prior to stepping into bed. TV stimulates the mind and gives ideas that we keep thinking about. Tell him to simply meditate before sleeping. This will help him relax and soothe his mind and help him sleep contently.

answered by G M

Make sure you are getting enough magnesium and heat a cup of milk with a spoonful of peanut butter. Believe me it works great.

answered by n


Your uncle can try the following steps to get propr sleep:

  1. Engage in relaxing activities in the evening{eg take a warm bath or do some light reading or stretching}
  2. Use your bed for sleeping.Dont eat,watch tv or read in it.
  3. Sleep only at bedtime .Dont take naps.
  4. Go to bed only when you feel sleepy.
  5. Review all of your prescription and over-the-counter medications with a pharmacist to rule out drug-related sleep problems.

answered by S S

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