March 2, 2010

Acupressure for Neck Pain Relief

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Neck pain is a common occurrence in today’s times considering the number of hours that we tend to spend in front of the computer screen. This can cause the muscles of the neck to become tense and strained. Acupressure is an alternative form of therapy which is known to provide relief from neck aches and pains. It follows the same philosophy as that of acupuncture wherein needles are inserted into specific pressure points in the body. These same points can be used in the practice of acupressure. Application of gentle pressure on certain pressure points will help to ease neck pain and provide relief.

Stimulation of pressure points results in a release of the chemicals known as endorphins in the brain. Endorphins serve to provide relief from neck pain. It is also believed that stimulation of the pressure points for neck pain results in a blocking of impulses sent from the spinal cord to the brain. Neck pain may be relieved by locating a pressure point in the neck and shoulder area. The point may be located by moving a finger along the area from the shoulder to the neck until a depression is reached. Apply pressure to this area, while moving your head to see if there is relief. Shoulder tension, headaches and dizziness may also be treated by stimulating this pressure point. Another pressure point may be located on the back of the hand, below the little finger. Move your finger along the back of your hand until you reach a depression. Apply pressure to this point for relief from neck pain. Headaches and tinnitus is also sometimes relieved through stimulation of this point. These pressure points may be massaged for about 3 to 5 minutes until relief is obtained. For best results make use of your fingertip or knuckle to massage the point. Applying pressure with the finger can work as well as acupuncture. First lightly press the point and then add more pressure until there is a dull ache around the point. Keep the pressure until the pain subsides and the muscle tension eases.

Stimulation of the acupressure points may not be sufficient to cure the neck problem. But it does provide an important first step towards the treatment of the problem. This can then be combined with therapeutic herbal remedies and other methods such as neck exercises or hot compresses. In case of pain from a stiff neck, apply pressure to the depression between the bones of the first and middle fingers, on the outside of the hand.