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Keeping in mind, the overall benefits and significance of yoga, we have gathered wide information on yoga to assist you learn and feel the union of body and mind.

Explore the section of 'yoga books' to access a wider range of books aimed at understanding of various techniques and concepts of yoga.

In the section, 'yoga videos and DVDs' you can explore various friendly and high quality videos that will help you learn the fundamental poses of yoga. These yoga videos, characterized with precise audio and visual instruction, are an excellent introduction to any one who wants to know and learn yoga.

Yoga music helps you live a balanced life. The music in all its form; active, serene, kirtan, mellow or sacred, helps you set a mood for yoga. Invigorating sounds of yoga music can delight your senses and improve your body movement to attain an atmosphere of indulgence. To explore the list of yoga music cds and the places where it will be available, browse our section of 'yoga music'.

True teaching can never take place online and if you feel the same, go to our section of 'yoga classes and teacher'. Here we have a huge directory for you to help you in your search for good yoga classes and teachers.

In the section of 'yoga training centers' you can explore the wide availability of yoga training centers in various different places. These centers impart the necessary education on yoga and help you meet the supreme goal of life.

Explore the possible places under 'yoga vacations' where you can enjoy your holidays with yogic activities. Yoga vacations are an excellent way to feel the bliss of healthy fun holidays.