Fun and Yoga

Fun with yoga provides an intimate and friendly environment to practice yoga with a calm mind and greater focus. Yoga is not only restricted to exercises, breathing and poses but much beyond that. It also involves few laughter activities that help human body to produce hormones to stimulate healthy living by reducing stress and fueling energy deep within our spirits.

Laughter is a natural cure for stress, anxiety and health ailments. Like aerobics, laughter also work wonders in boosting the energy level by providing oxygen to your lungs and body and clearing your breathing passages. We are all designed to laugh and bask in heavenly bliss. The only way to attain this heavenly bliss is through regular yoga practice clubbed with lots of fun and enjoyment. Yoga has made people realized the psychological and biological fundamentals of laughter. Today, everyone round the globe has started realizing the overwhelming significance of laughter.

Years back, a doctor and a student of yoga, Dr Madan Kataria, clubbed the amazing effects of yoga and laughter to introduce a new concept of Laughter Yoga. He believed that the combined effects of yoga and laughter can improve the overall health of an individual, resulting in a healthy mind, body and soul.

Laughter yoga simply involves a blend of playful, empowering and stress relieving laughter activities. These laughter activities take place through gentle yoga breathing and eventually turn into real laughter. It also lifts our spirit and improves our social behavior. With an objective to improve health and promote peace of mind, laughter yoga has become an effective tool for personal transformation.

Apart from various laughter activities involved with yoga, there are many yoga jokes that help turn yoga poses and postures to healthy fun activities. Most of the yogis and spiritual masters have good sense of humor that they use in their teachings.

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