Training Centers and Teachers for Bikram Yoga

The intensive program of Bikram Yoga training and meditation which is designed for committed students, offers more than 500 hours of study. It provides the students with the tools to begin teaching ‘Bikram`s Beginning Yoga Class`. The asanas are highly curative and the benefits can enhance the quality of our lives. This form of yoga provides a sound platform for being a successful yoga teacher and the methods of teaching yoga can be honed to perfection. This form of yoga is very beneficial for stress management.

The system of 26 postures of Bikram`s yoga combines eastern discipline and western medicine. This is suitable for all ages of individuals in various levels of health and it strictly emphasizes a vegetarian diet. The fitness training course of Bikram yoga gives a first hand opportunity to learn under the auspices of Bikram Chioudhary himself. Eventually, the students can apply to open an affiliated Bikram Yga studio anywhere in the world and become part of the worldwide network which consists of over 400 affiliated studios and over 3,000 teachers who are highly trained and skilled personnel. A minimum of six months of rigorous yoga practice at one of the studios and a recommendation of the teacher is required for applicants who should be over 21 years of age. Through application, course acceptance is done and for this the Bikram Yoga website can be visited. Bikram Choudhary has personally instructed and supervised the training classes of his students and certified them.

The course includes Bikram yoga dialogue, Bikram`s posture clinic, philosophy and health benefits of yoga, healing functions, relaxation techniques, knowledge of the anatomy and the 26 postures. The journal for Bikram Yoga Teacher Trainee comprises of several topics which if the students follow during the training workshops conscientiously, they can get yoga certification after a period of minimum six months. There are various fitness centers and bikram yoga videos through which bikram yoga can be learnt but for certification registration is a must.