How is yoga stretching exercises beneficial?

Our lifestyle today has become such, that it is not always enough to do some light exercises and physical activities. However, for a lot of people, it may also not be possible to practice yoga sequences for an hour and a half everyday. Keeping fit in such a situation, may become extremely difficult.

As compared with an hour long yoga sequence, sometimes, a ten to fifteen minutes long stretching session would often be the right way to keep yourself fit. These stretching routines can help you elongate the muscles of your back, abdomen, sides, neck, back, shoulders, arms, and legs, therefore toning the entire body. You may perform these stretching exercises for fifteen minutes, twice a day. This is usually enough to keep yourself fit, if you are also consuming a healthy and balanced diet along with your fitness routines.

Over time, most people find that yoga and stretching have better results on their fitness, body and overall health, than full-fledged exercise routines. There are some simple moves that you can practice. Most of these exercises are not complex and can be performed simply.

One of the simplest and most effective stretching exercises in yoga is the pelvic tilt. Pelvic titles are a very simple form of stretching which can be performed by lying down on a mat. These pelvic tilts could help stretch the thighs, pelvis, lower back, and the lower abdomen. If you have back pain, the first few tilts would bring it to your notice. However, the subsequent tilts would usually treat the pain completely.

After you have performed about 30 to 40 pelvic tilts, you can continue to warm up and stretch. Start doing the cat cow stretches, which is another simple stretching routine. This stretching can help stretch and tone the muscles in the lower back area, the abdomen, pelvis, shoulders, and neck. Though this movement is similar to the pelvic tilts, it allows the entire spine to be completely stretched. From the cat cow stretches, you can move into the downward facing dog position. Enter into this position slowly, by pedaling the legs, bending one knee first and then following it up with the other one. Reach your heels into the ground and while your body is stretched in this way, hold your pose for at least five deep breaths.

From this pose, you can come into a low posed lunge and drop the knee of the leg stretched out. This would help you stretch both your buttocks.

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