I exercise and meditate regularly and hold a healthy diet but in spite of this feel short of breath, voice problem and dry throat. This leads to nervousness. what is the reason of this?

Breathlessness is sometimes psychological, the result of a panic attack or an anxiety disorder. Since you mention that you suffer from nervousness, this might be the case - minor nervousness might cause the shortness of breath and dry throat, which might in turn cause still more nervousness. Try to notice whether these symptoms occur in particular situations or during particular activities.

Breathlessness can also occur as a result of some lung related disorder or disease. Asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, and several other lung problems have side effects that include breathlessness. If you smoke, you should seriously consider stopping, because smoking can often cause or aggravate these conditions. A heart condition or cancer of the lungs, larynx, or pharynx can also manifest itself in the form of attacks of breathlessness. There are usually other symptoms as well, so if you have other health complaints, you should take them all into consideration.

Even apart from these problems, there are several other conditions that can cause breathlessness, including pneumonia, obesity, anemia, hypothyroidism, medication, and even pregnancy. It is best that you visit your family doctor. The doctor will investigate your symptoms and general state of health, and thus be able to determine the exact cause of your problems.

answered by G R

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