Yoga, Meditation and Pilates

Yoga is an age old transformative art that balances the body, mind and soul. It includes the basic stretching exercises similar to that of pilates. The difference between yoga and pilates is clearly defined by the integration of breath and consciousness with physical stretches.

Yoga is a blend of physical stretches with various other breathing and relaxation exercises that establishes a conscious relationship with our individuality. Pilates, after all, is derived from ancient yoga poses, that includes stretching of internal muscles. Yoga focuses on the complete physical, mental and emotional well being of an individual while pilates is a form of exercise that helps enhance the core strength, definition and posture of the human body.

Yoga and mediation is considered to be a life saver combo. Meditation like pilates is also one aspect of yoga that helps us reach the sublime state of learning the purpose of our existence and achieve self healing. It is one of the trustworthy and documented tools for seeking self improvement and achieving mental peace. Various yoga exercises when clubbed with mediation can enhance the benefits of yoga.

Yoga offers various types of meditation exercises like concentration meditation, goal oriented mediation, insight mediation and meditation in motion. Meditation is essential because no body can be physically fit if the mind is unstable and unfit. Yoga music plays a vital role in when an individual is meditating because it creates an environment that delights all senses and improves body movement. Yoga mediation is also a proven technique for stress management or stress reduction.

A combination of mediation and pilates in yoga therapy, do wonders in curing various health ailments. The combination blended with breathing exercises rejuvenates the body, mind and inner spirit.

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