Yoga for Kids

Yoga is a Sanskrit word derived from the term 'yuj', which means union, bind or merger. It is an age old scientific way to deal with the physical, mental, moral and spiritual well being of a human life.

Yoga for kids is definitely a way to ensure healthy growth and development of all domains of our kid's life process. Various different yoga poses for kids help them grow physically, emotionally and psychologically. There are many postures that are relevant and beneficial for small kids to reinforce the universal values such as truth, non violence, cleanliness and contentment. Kids also improve self control, self awareness and self esteem with yoga.

Regular practice of yoga also helps children to incorporate social and moral values. It can bring out the real world within your child and allow him or her to live a blissful life. Many schools have made yogic activities as a vital part of the formal education because various yogic activities improve the memory, concentration and understanding capacity of every child. With a sense of playfulness and freedom, children are becoming more and more creative, imaginative, strong and flexible.

Kids yoga exercises usually revolve around stories and rhymes for entertaining kids and making them realize the overall benefits of yoga. This entertaining way of introducing the path of yoga in a kid's life may attract a number of kids to join yoga classes for kids.Through yoga, kids can learn to deal with life's daily pressure and live within the moment. They also earn the ability to experience the relaxed state of body and mind, by learning how.

Yoga poses for kids should be simple and the parents must learn to be patient with their kids progress. Kids are too small to learn the difficult postures and therefore they require love, affection and a good instructor who can handle them patiently.

Kids health and yoga are two indispensable aspects of a kid's life. Multitude benefits of yoga for kids is increasingly pushing parents to encourage their children learn the concept, philosophy and spiritual significance of yoga.

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