Which are the best yoga poses to reduce waist, belly, and hips?

The accumulation of fat around the waist and belly, besides being an embarrassing problem, also causes some serious health concerns. People who tend to gain weight around their waist and belly are more prone to heart ailments and other grave health conditions as compared to people who gain weight around the hips and thighs. The size of one's waistline is considered to be fairly reliable guide to estimate the risk of such diseases. Leading an unhealthy lifestyle and the lack of sufficient physical activity usually cause such problems to occur. Practicing yoga has numerous health benefits. Yoga is generally practiced for effective meditation, improving flexibility and strengthening body muscles as well. However, you can also use yoga to reduce belly fat and tone your body. In fact, women are often recommended yoga to reduce their tummy after delivery. There are numerous exercises in yoga to reduce tummy fat, waist size and fat from the hips and thighs.

In order to use yoga to reduce waist fat, an excellent pose is the wind relieving pose. This is a basic pose often used by beginners using yoga for weight loss. The wind relieving pose helps to expel gas from the intestines and the stomach. This in turn improves the digestive system, helping you reduce your belly and waist. An additional advantage of the wind relieving pose is that it stretches and tones the lower back while stimulating the spine and getting rid of any stiffness. First, you need to lie down flat on your back. Slowly, raise your right knee upwards. Be sure not to bend your left leg and rest it straight on the floor. Now, clasp your right knee with both your hands. While keeping your knee in this position, lift your head towards your knee. As far as possible, do not lift your buttocks or your lower back. This is an effective yoga exercise to reduce your tummy. Hold this pose and exhale slowly. Return to the lying flat position and repeat with the other leg. Another great yoga exercise to reduce your waist is the standing side stretch. It is a good exercise to work out the sides of your belly.

To do the standing stretch, stand up straight. Spread your feet apart to about shoulder-width distance. Keep your arms to your sides. Raise your right arm upwards and stretch your body to the left as far as possible. Be sure to bend only from the waist and to keep your knees straight at all times. Now slowly return to the upright position. Repeat the exercise with the left arm as well. This is a highly effective yoga exercise to reduce your waistline. An excellent yoga exercise to reduce hips for men and women is the child pose. This exercise stretches the hips and thighs and is a great exercise to reduce hips and thighs. It also helps to relieve stress and fatigue effects. You need to kneel down and sit on your own feet with your heels facing outward. Keep your knees apart, the same distance as your hips. Stretch forward until your forehead touches the floor and your arms are outstretched in front of you. Swing your arms around and rest them at our sides with the palm facing upwards. This exercise reduces hip fat fast. However you need to exercise caution.

Avoid doing this exercise if you have a knee injury or are pregnant. While this is an effective exercise to reduce hips, it is best to practice it under the supervision of an experienced yoga teacher. A good teacher will be able to show you how to practice yoga to reduce hips as well as many more yoga poses for weight loss. While it is a good idea to practice yoga for weight loss, you also need to maintain a strict diet to obtain a flat stomach. The use of yoga to reduce weight is known to be very effective as it not helps in losing the fat but also helps in keeping the body well toned.

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