Yoga for Women

Yoga is a harmony between body and soul. It has eight stages or practices that include self control, postures, regulation of the breath, religious observance, steadying of the mind, meditation, restraint of the senses and profound contemplation.

Women should go for yoga in order to improve their figure and impart energy. The yogic activities depend on the physique, age and physical movement of women's body. Difficult asanas like Poorna Matsyendrasana and Mayurasana should be avoided by them.

Yoga for women is beneficial in all terms. Different yoga practices work in their own unique ways to cure many of women's problems. Prenatal yoga for women helps in preventing uterine and ovarian disorders during pregnancy and childbirth. It also helps in reducing aches and improving overall strength and emotional well being. While, post natal yoga helps in healing, relaxation and toning of the body after childbirth.

Apart from that, it maintains the overall functioning of other systems of the body. Yoga balances the endocrine system, massages the reproductive organs, boosts the immune system, relieves pelvic congestion, reduces fatigue, calms the nervous system and strengthens the bone. Yoga for women at work is also important as it calms down the nervous system and eventually helps in reducing stress and frustration.

Asanas like Shalabhasana, Paschimotanasana, Badha Konasana, Janusirasana, Bhadrasana, etc. also cures menstrual disorder and helps the body to adapt with stress, anxiety and discomfort. In women, yoga has also played a major role in relieving the symptoms of menopause. So, the endless list of yoga benefits for women cannot be ignored. Hence, every woman should go for yoga practices regularly to improve her overall health and attain peace of mind and body.

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