Schiff Vitamins

Schiff' children's vitamins provide a complete combination of essential vitamins and minerals to help your children build healthy bodies. Majority of the children are fussy about their taste and unknowingly avoid some well nutritious foods. This leads to an inadequate intake of essential vitamins and minerals. At this vital stage of life, Schiff vitamins help to maintain an optimal level of essential vitamins and minerals in a child's body.

The basic composition of Schiff vitamins include 2,500 IU of Vitamin A, 30 mg of Vitamin C, 200IU of Vitamin D, 15 IU of Vitamin E, 0.75 mg of Thiamine, 0.85 mg of Riboflavin, 15.5 mg of Phosphorous, 1 mg of Zinc, 10 mg of Niacin, 1 mg of Vitamin B 6, 200 mcg of Folate, 3 mcg of Vitamin B12, 20.5 mg of Calcium, and 9 mg of Iron. Other ingredients present in traces are sorbitol, natural flavors magnesium stearate, beet root powder, stearic acid, silicon dioxide, cellulose, fructose and citric acid.

Each child is unique and each body has unique requirement. Children under 4 years of age are advised to intake one tablet daily and those more than 4 years are advised to have 2 tablets per day in order to balance the nutritional requirement of their bodies. Normally, children don't like eating tablets but a Schiff children's vitamin is something that they cannot resist. This is because these vitamins are available in chewable or gummy form with various fruit flavors and fun shapes. The most common shapes available are cat, lion, hippo and elephant.

Schiff vitamins are good for the growth and development of your children but ensure that being attracted by the fun shapes and fruit flavors, they don't take an overdose. Almost all the vitamins contain iron and toxicity of this nutrient can lead to food poisoning, genetic disorders and other related health issues.