Gluten Free Vitamins for Children with Celiac Diseases

Gluten is a protein in the endosperm of some cereals like wheat, barley, oat or rye that provides elasticity and strength. It can also be found in large variety of foods including salad dressing, soups, natural flavorings and processed foods.

Gluten tends to damage the lining cells of small intestine in children who for a variety of reasons are unable to digest or absorb gluten. This damage causes a reduction in the assimilation of nutrients from the intestine into the blood. It eventually results in celiac disease that leads to diarrhea, impaired mental growth, anemia, irritability, lose of concentration, bloated abdomen, dental enamel defect, projectile vomiting and stunted height in children. Therefore, pediatrician recommends gluten free children's vitamins or gluten free diet to most of the infants and children.

When a gluten free vitamin diet is recommended, a variety of options are available to feed your children. Fruits, vegetables, eggs, milk, butter, ground nuts and rice are all gluten free. These products are usually low in Vitamin B, calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, Vitamin D and fiber, adding to the risk of nutrient deficiency. Therefore, gluten free vitamin supplements are added to the feast to improve children's nutritional status.

Gluten free children's vitamins are mostly available in powdered form of gluten free food products that provide a quick, allergy-free way to get extra vitamins. They can help substitute nutritional deficiencies in children. When gluten is completely removed from their diet, the small intestine starts healing and deficiency symptoms disappear. In children, the deficiency symptoms disappear when children reaches their teens. Even though the symptoms disappear during the teens, most of the children stay with the disease throughout their life. These children are advised to have a gluten free diet coupled with gluten free vitamins for a lifetime.

Gluten free vitamin supplements have exploded the market in recent years. These products are available in pure formulas and promise concentrated energy.