What type of vitamins is good to drink for genital herpes?

If you are suffering from genital herpes, then you would need to follow some applicable and topical remedial measures to take care of it. You should be aware that herpes of any type is not a result of any kind of deficiency and it cannot really be treated in this fashion either. Herpes is the result of a viral infection that you may have contracted from any course. It is passed through the exchange of bodily fluids and can actually be contracted from something as simple as using a public toilet where there are some remnants of an infected person. Frequent change of sexual partners can also result in genital herpes. And then there are the rare cases of people who simply have a tendency to contract infections that keep recurring. You should also be aware that if you have contracted herpes once, the virus can actually live dormant in your system for up to about 40 years! While some people never experience a resurgence of the manifestation, others may get this again and again. You can try a number of remedial measures at home to get relief from the intense itching and discomfort generally caused by this virus.

For immediate relief, you can apply a cool pack to the genital area. This will help with the constant discomfort and itching that typically accompanies this particular infection. You should frequently also wash your genitals with a mixture of equal parts antiseptic liquid and rose water. Dilute this by adding a teaspoon of this mix to a glass of water and then use it to wash your genitals. This will help to clear up your infection quite well. It will also provide relief from the itching sensation that is typical of genital herpes. You can apply fresh yogurt to your entire genital area. This will help to clear up the infection tremendously. Yogurt has live and active bacteria in it which will basically feed off the living organisms on infected skin. This will help to cure you faster. You should also refrain from sexual activity when you are suffering from genital herpes. This will also help you to heal faster. Try not to wear synthetic or tight clothes and underwear. These have a tendency to trap moisture and create an environment that is more feasible for bacteria and germs to fester in. stick to cotton underwear and loose clothing for comfort. This will also reduce the lifestyle of the infection.

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