Children's Vitamins

Children's vitamins are, by definition, organic substances that are essential for the normal functioning of the cells in a child's body. Even though they are required in trace amounts, they are responsible for the growth and development of their bones and tissues.

Children are the future of ever nation and hence they require a sound nutritional base on which they can grow and develop. Often toddlers and pre school children are picky eaters and have nutritionally imbalanced diets, leading to inadequate amount of vitamins in children. This is when childrens vitamins are required to serve as a safety net for fighting infections and helping them grow strong and healthy.

Teaching kids about vitamins is as important as learning the significance. The basic principle of children's vitamins is to add healthy supplements to a child's diet. Today, many supplements for children's vitamin are available in the market. Available vitamins are essential for breastfed children who require 200 IU of vitamin D daily. Children in their teens also require children vitamin if they don't intake at least 500 ml of milk.

Vitamins and kids go hand in hand. The best vitamins for kids are nutrients obtained from real food sources like oranges, strawberries, peaches, nectarines, broccoli, carrots, squash, yams and red bell peppers. And in case, if your child does not develop the taste, then you need to supplement it with the best children's vitamins. The multivitamin that contains iron and calcium is the best vitamin for kids. The right quantity of iron prevents a child from being anemic. Toddlers can also receive iron from cereals or high iron containing vitamins for kids. At the other end, calcium is required for healthy teeth and bones in children.

The market today is flooded with many of the best childrens vitamins. Some of the multi vitamins are a common combination of iron, calcium and vitamins. While, some multi vitamins are naturally made from whole food ingredients. These vitamins known as whole food vitamins for kids offer better health benefits. Other critical and good vitamins for kids are vitamins C, D and E. Vitamin C has the ability to heal knee and elbow wounds while Vitamin D promotes calcium absorption and reduce the risk of bone fractures. Vitamin E also plays an important role in maintaining fatty acids at optimum efficiency. Mixed tocopherol is a form of Vitamin E that is considered to be the best children vitamin.

Vitamins for kids are available in a wide variety of shapes, fun characters and flavors that help children to digest them easily with fun. Also available in chewable form, these kids vitamins are handy and the smartest alternative to supplementation.