September 25, 2009

Memory Booster Vitamins and Diet for Kids

Posted in Category : Common Ailments

While memory loss is extremely prevalent in the elderly and is largely considered to be a sign of aging, very few people are aware that the situation could exist in toddlers as well. This makes for a startling surprise for any parent and can be very stressful, as well as mentally traumatic. A distinct amount of memory loss is noticed to be more frequent in children that have low self esteem or suffer from a lack of self confidence. Studies have also shown that children who suffer from hearing or sight problems also face quite some trouble in holding and retaining information. The condition is much harder to diagnose in children than in adults for the simple reason that the child may not realize that he or she has the problem in the first place. The parent must be able to notice any deficiencies in the child’s ability to retain information. In today’s world, the condition is becoming increasingly prevalent because of the fact that children will spend hours together in front of a computer rather than play physical games or mental exercise activities that can greatly enhance their brain power.

Like any other muscle in the human body, the brain needs to be exercised regularly in order to keep it at an optimum level of strength. Doing so allows it to perform its functions to greater effect – one of these functions being memory management. Interaction with other children is also extremely important during the growing phases of a child. A child lacking in this kind of exposure will seem lethargic and lazy. While common pass times like watching the television and the usage of computers can be very educational, the excessive usage of both of them can actually be quite taxing to the brain and, unless the right kind of information is being retrieved, will prove to be more of a waste of time than anything else. Most commonly, the diet of an individual is a primary method of boosting the memory. Try to increase the child’s intake of carrots as they contain carotene which is a well known memory booster. You can give them to the child in its juice form, raw cooked or even in casseroles. A diet rich in vitamins B6 and E are also a productive way of boosting the memory and should be included in any diet. Artichokes are some of the best supplements to naturally increase a person’s memory. Boil some leave in a little water for about 2 hours and then squeeze the leave to extract the juice.