Natural vitamins for proper growth of humans

All vitamins are necessary for a proper growth for humans. If you want to eat food items that contain Vitamin B you should eat lots of whole grain cereals. You can eat this as cereals and also ensure that the bread that you eat is made of whole grains. Bread because of the presence of yeast in it, is a good source of Vitamin B. when this bread is made of wheat flour, it becomes a healthy source of Vitamin B... Eggs too can be eaten regularly, if you require vitamin B. The yolks of eggs are especially full of Vitamin B. Green leafy vegetables should be included in all meals since they contain lots of vitamins. You can either eat them in a light salad or cooked with very little oil. When you eat green vegetables in a salad, you should ensure that you use only a small quantity of salad dressing so that it remains a healthy food item. You should replace the regular white rice that you eat with brown rice since this can contribute to your intake of vitamin B. Other food items that contain this vitamin are sweet corn and berries of various kinds.

For introducing Vitamin B3 in your diet you should eat a diet that is rich in proteins. In order to do this you should include fish, milk, eggs and peanuts in your diet. Among vegetables potatoes contain Vitamin B3. For those who wish to eat food that contains Vitamin B6, it is necessary to eat food items like meat, and butter. Whole grain cereals contain Vitamin B6 while soybeans are a healthy way to include this Vitamin in your diet. Other food items that contain Vitamin B6 are brown rice, liver, wheat germ and fish.

Vitamin B12 is needed in our body since this helps in processing the proteins, carbohydrates and the fats. It also works to make all the blood cells that we have in our bodies. If you wish to include Vitamin B 12 in your diet then your diet should include plenty of milk. You should also eat liver regularly. You can eat an egg every day since the yolk of an egg is a rich source of Vitamin B12.

Fruits, especially citrus fruits, are rich sources of Vitamin C. other fruits like melon and berries too contain a lot of Vitamin C. You can also eat tomatoes and green leafy vegetables if you wish to include Vitamin C in your diet.

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