Natural Vitamins and Its Benefits for Children

The demand for natural childrens vitamins has increased tremendously in recent years because of an evolving awareness of holistic health. Certainly chemicals and preservatives used in synthetic isolated vitamins have resulted in allergies, skin damages and other related health issues. That’s the reason most of the parents are drawn towards natural children’s vitamins.

All that is natural is not necessarily organic. The term, natural defines something obtained from natural ingredients but it may be cultivated in the presence of fertilizers or pesticides. Natural vitamins that undergo inorganic methods to obtain the vitamin are simply natural, not organic.

Children and kids are more likely to get affected by the ill effects of preventives and chemicals present in vitamin supplements. Most of the natural vitamins for kids have co-factors with them. A good example of co-factor is presence of Bioflavoniods in Vitamin C. For preventing children from side effects of various toxic chemicals, vitamin should be extracted from natural sources without the use of inorganic methods like extreme heat, pressure or treating with toxic chemicals.

Natural vitamins can be obtained from various natural sources. Natural sources for Vitamin A are raw carrots, spinach, cantaloupe and sweet potatoes. Vitamin B1 can be naturally obtained from whole grains, seafood, beans, sunflower seeds and pork. Folic Acid is found abundant in leafy green vegetables. The best natural ingredient for Vitamin B is milk. Niacin can be obtained form canned tuna and chicken breast while Pantothenic acid can be taken from organ meats, grains and fish. Vitamin B6 is available in peanuts, oats, fortified cereals and bananas and Vitamin B12 is abundant in fresh fish, dairy products and pork. These are few examples of natural sources of vitamins. There are many other sources from where you can obtain 100% natural or organic vitamins.

Natural kids vitamins are believed to be biologically more active than synthetic isolated vitamins. These vitamins are beneficial for various body functions but they are costlier than synthetic. If you need vitamins for your children to help them grow healthy and prevent from disease, natural vitamins are the way to go if you can afford the cost.