i tried using lime or lemon juice on my lips to lighten them but the lime juice burns up my lips ,do u know of any other home remedy that wont burn my lips

Honey is natural bleach and is effective in enhancing skin color. Honey mixed with sour cream and banana is also equally effective. Smoking is one of the most common causes of dark lips. Avoid smoking and drinking. Topical application of clarified butter or olive oil provides soft and pink lips. Avoid sucking your lips and wear a bright lipstick. Choose colors that suit your lip color. Sunscreen in lipsticks helps in preventing tanning of lips. Clarified butter is applied before retiring to bed, as it keeps the lips supple. The brand of the lipsticks used is important to be noted. Avoid cheap unbranded ones, especially those that have expired. Pigmentation of lips by the ultra violet radiation is prevented by using moisturizers with a high SPF (sun protection factor). Apply a lip color that matches both the lips. Blot the excess and apply a little compact powder. Remove the excess by dusting the same. Almond oil and lime juice are also effective in getting rid of dark lips. Avoid leaving lipstick on the lips, before retiring to bed. Glycerin is also helpful. Avoid caffeinated beverages, as they also cause dark lips.

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answered by Dr C

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