April 6, 2010

Natural Dandelion Uses & Side Effects

Posted in Category : General Health

The dandelion is a plant that was originally found in central Asia but today is found all over the world. It grows well in Hayfields and fallow lands. It needs moist and sunny weather to grow well. The name dandelion is derived from French which means teeth of the lion. It gets this name due to the shape of its leaves. This plant is famous for it medicinal as well as culinary use. The leaves when bitter are used in salads and the roots to make a drink like coffee. When the roots are dried up it is used to make a strong tea. This plant is rich in vitamins and minerals and hence used for various medicinal purposes.

In certain parts of the world it is used to stimulate the appetite, as a diuretic and in the treatment for dyspepsia as well. Since early times this plant was used to treat problems of the gall bladder, spleen and liver. It is also used as laxative and anti diabetic agent. Dandelion is available in various forms – capsule, extract, tablet, fresh greens, tea, and as a tinctures. You have to be careful and have proper knowledge of dandelion or any other natural or herbal remedies that you may use. Some side effects that people complain about are as follows:

•    There is a bitter substance in the leaves that can cause gastric discomfort.

•    There are rare some people having complained of allergies just by touching the plant.

•    Organic dandelion is always preferred. Avoid dandelion that has been sprayed with pesticides and chemicals. If you plan on growing

•    If your doctor has prescribed any drugs that have a diuretic effect then you should avoid having any form of dandelion as it interferes with the effect of the prescribed drug.

•    If you are diabetic and take medication you need to consult your doctor before taking any dandelion supplement as it has the potential to increase the blood sugar level thus interfering with the medication your doctor prescribed.

•    If you notice any rashes or see any signs of bleeding contact your doctor immediately.

•    If you have photosensitive dermatitis and other plant related allergies you should avoid using dandelion.

•    If you suffer from bile obstruction, empyema, or ileus you should avoid this herb.

•    The dandelion tinctures contain anything between fifteen to sixty percent alcohol and hence is unsuitable for children and recovering alcoholics.

Ensure that you consult your doctor before using this plant for any purpose.