Alternative Treatment for Human Papillomavirus HPV

One of the most important reasons as to why people opt for alternative treatment for Hpv is the fact that they are very cost effective and pose minimal side effects. Hpv, is an abbreviation for human pappiloma virus. The Hpv disease is caused by a type of virus and like many other viral diseases is infectious in nature. Since Hpv is infectious, this disease needs to be controlled at earlier stages. Hpv causes irritation of the skin and mucous membranes and leads to formation of small reddish lumps on the affected parts.

Having healthy food at regular intervals forms a part of the routine that could be termed as an alternative treatment for Hpv. This helps in boosting the energy levels of the patient and also helps in developing the body's resistance power. A patient of Hpv should eat a balanced diet that is rich in vitamins like beta carotene and folic acid. These vitamins are very essential to keep the body healthy and free from the virus. The next part of your treatment should be to divide your regular meals into a number of smaller 'portions' that can be consumed periodically. It is advisable to eat smaller meals rather than to consume a large one.

Laser Therapy for HPV

Laser therapy is another type of alternative treatment for Hpv. With the help of laser you can get rid of the warts that are a sign of the disease manifesting itself. These warts can be permanently removed with the help of laser treatment. However this treatment is a costly affair and you may need to spend a lot of money. Thus, fewer people opt for this method. You can opt for hot baths which help reduce such warts. Topical ointments and creams are available in the markets that can help you get rid of the burning and itching sensation on the areas where the warts appear.

Meditation and Stress Relieving Techniques

Meditation and other stress relieving methods are an excellent way of preventing the disease from aggravating. These techniques help in controlling the restlessness and anxiety that occurs as a result of Hpv. Exercising regularly also helps in keeping your body fit and developing a strong resistance power. It is vital to lead a stress- free and a healthy life. Giving up on addictions too, would go a long way in curing Hpv. However, before you try any of the alternative treatment for Hpv, it is wise to consult your doctor for the most suitable treatment.