Nausea Signs and Symptoms

Nausea is a temporary condition which may last up to a few minutes or continue for many hours. It basically appears when you are suffering from stomach upset due to binge eating, unhygienic food articles or food allergies. Other causes of nausea are excessive alcohol, motion or sea sickness, stress and a reaction to prescription drugs. Other reasons for nausea could also include long hours of empty stomach. It can also be cited as a reaction to some kind of illness in your body. One of the main symptoms of nausea is dizziness. You may feel weak with blurred vision and have a vomiting sensation.

Treatment for Nausea using Ginger

The best nausea alternative treatment is to vomit. Since you would be feeling like vomiting, it is better to do so. By vomiting, nausea may go away and you will feel a lot better. Since stomach upset is the main reason for nausea, by vomiting, the undigested food would come out and you will feel immense relief. Other remedy for nausea includes a brisk walk. Walk at a faster pace for at least 10 minutes in order to digest the food and make you feel better. Deep breathing will help to a great extent. In case you are feeling nauseous because of an empty stomach, it is highly recommended not to eat in large quantities. Consumption of light foods also helps a lot. A biscuit is a good example of plain foods. Start off with a two to three biscuits in the beginning and then increase the food intake as you feel better. It is advisable to eat slowly so that the food enters the stomach safely and digests well. A home remedy for nausea is to consume a small piece of ginger directly. You can also add ginger to your tea or consume the juice of ginger mixed with water.

When a person feels nausea, the stomach temperature could be quite high. It is very important to cool it down for a faster recovery. It is recommended to stay at a cool location such as an air conditioned room. If you feel stuffy, go out in the open for fresh air. Morning sickness is also another reason for nausea which is commonly seen in pregnant women. Women may experience nausea every morning due to pregnancy. It is recommended to stay in one position rather than move around as it may create additional problems. Since nausea is not a serious threat, there is no need to visit a doctor. But in case, you experience nausea every day or every few days, it is advisable to pay a visit to the doctor. The nausea alternative treatment is considered to be the safest treatment for nausea.