Herbal Remedies to Deal with Ringworms

Herbal remedies for ringworm are considered to be very safe and effective. It is highly recommended to start the treatment for ringworm at its earliest as it may create further problems. Ringworm is not a serious disease or condition but if left untreated, it may spread all over your body and cause other unsafe skin diseases. Ringworm is also very contagious. If any person comes in contact with it, the condition can be transmitted very easily. It is advisable not to touch the infected part or use the personal belongings of the infected person.

Oregano Oil and Garlic are Effective Herbal Remedies

Oregano oil is believed to be the most effective ringworm herbal cure. Apply two to three drops of oregano oil on the infected area and massage it till the oil seeps into the skin. Exercise this method at least four times in a day and you will notice a remarkable change in a day or two. The infection will disappear in a period of seven days. Oregano oil works as an excellent antifungal solution and gets rid of bacteria and fungus quickly. Another ringworm herbal remedy is garlic. Make a paste of three to four slices of garlic and apply on the infected area. Follow this method four times in a day and the infection will start reducing in two days. The garlic extract is very effective against fungus. Aromatherapy is also a very valuable treatment for ringworm. Apply three to four drops of lavender essential oil on the infected area and let the oil enter deeply into the skin. These herbal remedies for ringworm do not cause any side effects and provide instant relief.

Apart from the remedies, it is very important to keep in mind some measures that will prevent the ringworm infection. Ringworm is generally produced in moist situations. Sweat is a main cause of ringworm as fungus breed in moist conditions. It is very important to immediately dry yourself whenever you sweat. Ringworm is commonly seen condition in people who have a tendency to sweat excessively. Since ringworm is very contagious, it is very important to keep a safe distance from the infected person and not share personal belongings with him. You can also purchase ringworm creams which are easily available in supermarkets and pharmacies in case the herbal remedies suggested does not cure the ringworm. If the condition persists for a long time, it is highly recommended to consult a doctor as soon as possible.