Alternative treatment for acne and pimples

Acne and pimples are both caused by a bad diet, stress, in some cases heredity and usually due to a lack of hygiene. These are little boils that appear on your face, back, chest and shoulders. They can often be painful and are always unsightly. People who have these usually feel conscious but the reality is that this condition can be easily rectified if you are willing to make certain necessary changes to your lifestyle and diet.

To begin with you will have to ensure that you have a bath regularly. Washing your face with soap and water at least twice a day is a good beginning to good hygiene. You should also ensure that you don't constantly touch your acne or attempt to pinch them open. Instead you should use some hot water to help these deflate. You can dip a towel in hot water and apply on the affected area thrice a day. Using a cotton swab apply apple cider vinegar on the acne. This will help them clear up. If you have acne on your face then you should steam your face. Let your face take the steam from a pot of hot water. This will help the pores open up and make it easier for you clean your face. Aloe Vera is also effective in curing acne. In addition to these remedies you should consider changing your diet. Instead of eating food that has sugar, chocolate, white flour, you should opt for fresh vegetables. Raw vegetables and salads, soups and plenty of fruit juices should figure in your diet.

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