Natural Herbal Cure For Warts

What are Warts?

Warts are small abnormal skin growths caused by one of the human papilloma viruses. Typically, warts appear on the hands and feet. While these tend to be harmless, they can in certain instances be contagious. Moreover, some more serious strains can manifest as genital warts that require urgent and medical attention.

There are several options available to cure warts. They can be removed using medicated creams, cutting them off, laser treatments, etc. Considering most warts are harmless, patients tend to opt for more natural courses of treatment, like a warts herbal cure.

How Does Herbal Treatment Work?

The following are the best known herbal remedies for warts.

  • Celandine- Is one of the common herbal remedies for warts; celandine extract is known to have medicinal properties that inhibit the growth of the virus.
  • White Cedar Leaf- Here is another herb that displays strong antiviral properties. It is available in the form of tinctures and oils and is an excellent warts herbal cure.
  • Garlic- Is a popular warts herbal cure as it is known to have strong antiviral properties. Simply place a clove over the wart and bind with a gauze. This remedy is especially effective on hand warts.
  • Bloodroot- Is a strong antigen, making it one of the more effective herbal remedies for warts. It comprises of proteolytic enzymes which dissolve the wart infected tissue and heal the body.
  • Green Figs- Are an effective herbal remedy for warts. The white milk extract from green figs contains proteolytic enzymes that effectively breakdown wart infected tissue, and heal the body.
  • Pineapple Peel- Pineapple peel is another home remedy that works in a similar way. The proteolytic enzymes in pineapple juice help to breakdown and dissolve warts. Simply cut out small pieces of peel and apply to the wart. Bind these with gauze and wait for symptoms to subside. This is an especially effective treatment for foot warts.

Other herbal remedies for warts include birch bark, basil, tea tree oil, banana peel, rubber plant milk, aloe gel, white cabbage juice, sour apple juice, chickweed juice, dandelion juice, and house leek juice.

What are the benefits of herbal cure?

While most warts are harmless, they are contagious and may cause discomfort and embarrassment. Therefore these herbal remedies for warts are an excellent way to get rid of them. In addition warts herbal cures are 100% natural and have no side effect.