December 11, 2009

Health Advices For Pap Smear Test During Menstruation Cycle

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If you have scheduled an appointment with your doctor for a Pap smear test and realized that you might have your periods around that time, then you probably would be wondering if the Pap smear test is possible at that time. The answer to that is that it really isn’t recommended to have your test at that time. Menstrual blood and fluid can interfere with the results or make the process of analysis more difficult for the pathologist. However, the new liquid-based Pap smears can easily separate the mucous and blood from the cervical cells. It is advisable to get your appointment rescheduled to a date when you won’t have your period.

Best time for a Pap Smear:

During menstruation, it becomes difficult to test if there is a wart that causes human papillomavirus. It is best to abstain from all sexual activities for a few weeks before a pelvic examination. A woman should not use any vaginal medicines for a day or two before the test. It’s a good thing to be in mid-cycle as it minimizes the risk of false results.

Pap Smear:

What is Pap smear? This test is done to check for signs and symptoms of cancer of the cervix. During this procedure, the physician will collect a test sample of the cells within the cervix and send it for further tests. For the test, the doctor will insert an instrument called a speculum in the vagina to open up the vaginal walls. The cervix is then cleaned with a cotton swab and samples of the cells are collected with a brush and a tiny spatula. The cell samples are placed on a glass slide and sent to the pathologist in a lab for tests.

Candidates for Pap Smear:

If you are pregnant, you can go ahead with a Pap smear, if you wish to. If a woman has had a hysterectomy in which the cervix hasn’t been removed, then she should get a Pap smear done. Women, who haven’t had a hysterectomy, should also get a Pap smear done.

If you aren’t menopausal or haven’t had a hysterectomy done, then a Pap smear should be done 10-20 days after the first day that you started your periods. A person going in for a pap smear cannot use Spermicidal foams as well as jellies or creams for at least 48 hours before the test. It may also be necessary to stop certain medications for vaginal infections. However, you would need to talk to your doctor before you stop any prescribed medication. The result will be available a few weeks after the test.