Thyroid Cancer Alternative Treatment

The thyroid is an important gland in the human body. It produces the thyroid hormone which regulates the body's metabolism process. Thyroid cancer is a result of the growth of malignant cells in the tissues of the thyroid glands.

Conventional treatments for thyroid cancer include surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and hormone therapy, with surgery being the most preferred treatment. These treatment options are often long drawn, painful and bring with them a set of side effects that lower the patient's quality of life. This has lead to a rising interest in alternative treatments for thyroid cancer.

What are the alternative therapies for Thyroid Cancer?

There are a number of alternative treatments for thyroid cancer available. However, it is recommended that patients undertake thyroid cancer alternative treatments in conjunction with conventional medication; this improves quality of life during and after the treatment process. Thyroid cancer alternative therapies aim at rebuilding and strengthening the patient's weak immune system, enabling the body to fight the cancer more effectively. Alternative therapies for thyroid cancer include:

  • Therapeutic disciplines- the most popular choice for alternative therapies for thyroid cancer are the therapeutic disciplines. Options include meditation, yoga, acupuncture, aromatherapy, massages, etc. These techniques help calm the mind, improve blood circulation and bring much needed relief from the pain.
  • Ancient medicines- ancient medicines are a medical system that have evolved from ancient time and include age old remedies for age old ailments. These include traditional Chinese medications, homeopathy, ayurveda and naturopathy.
  • Herbs and herbal dietary supplements- herbs and herbal dietary supplements are also effective as alternative therapies for thyroid cancer. They boost the immune system and help the body fight the cancers cells.

Benefits of alternative therapies?

Thyroid cancer, like all other cancers, takes a heavy toll on a person's body and mind. Alternative therapies for thyroid cancer undertaken in combination with conventional medication aids the patient cope with the side effects of cancer treatment.

Alternative therapies help keep the patient's mind calm and strong during the entire therapy and recovery stages. They enhance the weary mind and create positive energy, washing away the negativity brought on by the cancer.

Techniques like yoga and meditation can be practiced anywhere and at all times. This especially helps patients who are confined due to upcoming surgery, are in recovery or are undergoing painfully sessions of therapy. It helps to fight the side effects including the pain and depression.