What Causes Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)

The nervous system in the human body is used to control muscle movements along with many other functions. Normally, the movement of limbs in the body is voluntary with certain movements made instinctively or automatically. Even so, the individual usually has full control over the movements of his or her limbs. Restless leg syndrome or RLS is a condition where there is sudden and involuntary movement of the legs, often in the form of a twitch or, in some cases, causing the leg to jump up and down. This condition is also sometimes termed as Jimmy Legs. Restless leg syndrome usually occurs during the night when the individual is falling asleep or when he or she has already fallen asleep. Restless leg syndrome is something that has a profound effect on the sleep patterns of the individuals. RLS has been listed as one of the causes of insomnia. Patients who suffer from restless leg syndrome may also experience muscular pain in their legs during the day time as their muscles would be sore because of the condition. This is often a huge hindrance as it discourages exercise, something that is shown to help with RLS.

Home Remedies For Restless Leg Syndrome

Leg jerking home remedies includes a variety of different steps that must be taken to ensure an improved lifestyle.
  • Individuals who suffer from this condition should try to spend some time exercising, particularly with walking. This should improve the blood circulation in their legs, thus ensuring that they have a good chance of recovering from the condition. Obesity, lack of exercise and smoking are all bad lifestyle choices that must be eliminated if one is suffering from such a condition. In any case it is recommended to be healthy and to take care of the body.
  • One simple natural remedy for restless leg syndrome is the consumption of adequate water. A lot of people tend to ignore the importance of water consumption. The consumption of extra water promotes frequent urination which helps the body get rid of toxins and excess substances from the blood. This is a general tip used to help an individual boost his or her overall health. This also helps to reduce the intensity of restless leg syndrome.
  • There are also some natural remedies for RLS that include the use of mustard. While this is not proven, it has been suggested that the consumption of a teaspoon of plain yellow mustard helps with this condition.
  • One should also eliminate unhealthy foods from one’s diet to help deal with RLS. These unhealthy foods include snacks, junk food, processed fast food and fatty food. Some such foods contain substances that are harmful to the body and which may harm the chemical balance of the body. It is thus recommended to avoid such substances in any case as they are neither healthy nor beneficial to the body.

Causes of Restless Leg Syndrome

The causes of restless leg syndrome have not yet been completely understood or identified. In most cases, there are different combinations of factors that affect an individual. While exact causes of the condition have not been identified there are many factors that have been linked with an increased occurrence of restless leg syndrome. Obesity, lack of exercise, smoking, kidney disease, iron deficiency and hormonal imbalances have all been linked with restless leg syndrome. It is also known to affect women mostly during pregnancy. Pregnancy is also linked with hormonal changes in the body which is the reason why it may cause or increase the intensity of restless leg syndrome. Studies have also shown that stimulants such as caffeine may worsen the intensity of the condition. Certain medications that alter an individual’s hormone balance may also contribute to restless leg syndrome. The same can be said about alcohol consumption as well. Although the causes of restless leg syndrome have not yet been fully understood, all these above mentioned contributory factors may be noted when one seeks treatment for the condition.

Symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome

It should also be noted that twitching feet is an associated symptom of restless leg syndrome. Some people suffer only from twitching feet while others may suffer from jerking in their entire leg. People suffering from RLS tend to often experience twitching feet during the day time or just as they are falling asleep. Restless leg syndrome is a chronic condition that may affect an individual for months and years at a time. Often the condition is transient which is why people tend to ignore the symptoms when they appear, hoping that they will disappear over a period of time. However, with the use of simple natural remedies and with an improved lifestyle, it is easy to conquer restless leg syndrome and cure the body of the condition in the long term. Studies have also suggested that yoga is a great exercise option where the individual can target his or her legs for improved circulation and relief from restless leg syndrome.