Are there any preceived benefits of natural remedies? what are the comparisons between natural remedies and pharmaceutical products?

Natural remedies are made by the medicine that lies within a plant. All plants, trees, flowers have some type of medicinal purpose. There are some which you do need to stay away from as they can be toxic, but the majority of medicine made from plants have lesser side effects as long at they are taken properly and you are not allergic to the plant. When being treated with herbal medicine you are likely to be treated regarding what your individual body needs, not what is mass produced.

However, many herbal products have negative reactions when combined with pharmaceutical producers so caution is always made when treating someone that is on any type of medication.

Many Pharmaceutical products are chemicals that merely mask the symptoms or cause more harm when taken. Take antibiotics for instance, they are wonderful for drawing out infection, but they take out everything else as well. Your immune system suffers, many people experience yeast growth. It may treat one thing, but leaves so many other things for you to treat afterwards. When you are prescribed medication it is used to treat a symptom or disorder, but many side effects occur because it is mass produced and the individual's exact needs are not met.

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