Vitamin K for Healthy and Beautiful Skin

Vitamin K is being publicized these days in beauty creams, skin care products and skin lotions. It is essential for healthy blood, improved clotting, bone health as well as skin health.

Vitamin K for skin is required for maintaining skin elasticity in people suffering from pseudoxanthoma elasticum (PXE). PXE is a hereditary condition that results in severe skin wrinkling. Human skin loses elasticity when there is calcification of the elastic fibers. This calcification is caused by high concentration of calcium and phosphate that can be reduced by specific protein known as Matrix γ-carboxyglutamic acid protein (MGP). Studies have indicated that this specific protein can be activated by Vitamin k dependent enzyme. It also states that people who face difficulty in metabolizing Vitamin K is also are prone to wrinkles.

Because vitamin K significantly improves blood circulation, it is considerably used by cosmetic companies to formulate Vitamin K skin creams, lotions, topical creams and various other cosmetics. It is mainly used as a major composition in face masks. With regular use of these vitamins, cosmetic industry is experiencing a boom. These vitamins are used for smoothing of fine wrinkles in corners of eyes, enhancement of color and structure of skin, normalization of water- fatty balance of skin and diminution of hypostases. Vitamin K for blotchy skin is also effectively significant.

Vitamin K skin care products are also used for fighting dark circles or discoloration under eyes mainly caused due to seepage. This vitamin penetrates through the skin pores and reaches the damaged capillary or artery. When the vitamins reach the artery, it works to support the blood clotting process and stop seepage, eventually permitting the skin tissue to heal itself.

Vitamin K and skin, that's why, move together in achieving a healthy, beautiful and glowing skin. Though a balanced diet, sufficient rest and dietary supplements will greatly benefit your skin complexion, topical Vitamin K is an outstanding addition to your skin-care regimen.