July 21, 2010

Steps to Look Beautiful with Fair Skin and Make Up

Posted in Category : Beauty

When one chooses make up for a fair skinned complexion it can end up being a difficult task as most colors used in the make up process will tend to stand out. They may end up appearing too loud and gaudy against a light skinned back drop. However there are various options that do exist and are helpful in improving one’s look. Such options go to make the person look beautiful both in the day time and the night time with out looking unflattering at any point in time. There exist various shades of color that exist and can help one in looking like a natural beauty with out having gone over board with the make up.

Some of the main steps towards looking beautiful with fair skin and make up include first starting off by applying some under eye concealer. For those who have very pale and fair skin, their skin under the eyes may appear to be translucent. This skin tends to be thin and sensitive thus allowing the blue and purple blood vessels that lie below to be visible to the naked eye. Hence the first step is to find the right shade of concealer. One could use a yellow based concealer which can help in evening out the tones. You could then continue by putting on the correct shade of foundation which matches the shade of the skin on the inside of one’s neck or forearm. This may end up being even lighter than the shade of color on one’s face but is fine. If the person has a tendency to blush or flush easily ending with rosy cheeks then one may avoid using any blusher. But if the person’s face skin is pale and colorless then one can use a little bit of coral or soft oink shade to help bring some color to one’s face. Next one needs to choose some eye shadow for one’s eyes. This needs to be done in pastel shades for day time. Fair skin make up for the night should usually be mascara and very black eye liner. This helps in playing up one’s eyes and giving one the exotic eye look. One can even go in for shades of purple or gray to get the smoky eyed look. When selecting a shade of lipstick for fair skin, choosing one that is a variation on a coral shade will be good. One can even use an eyebrow pencil to give one’s eyebrows a better definition.