Vitamins and Minerals for Skin

Vitamins and minerals for skin are beneficial for proper functioning of every organ in the body - and the skin is no exception. Furthermore, insufficiency of some vitamins and minerals are predominantly detrimental to the skin and result in various skin diseases. To maximize the impact of any skin rejuvenating creams and lotions, it is essential to consume sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Benefits of vitamins are numerous along with long lasting impact on the skin health. The known vitamins and minerals for healthy skin are Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Copper, Iron, Zinc, and Selenium. All these vitamins and minerals play an essential role in providing healthy and beautiful skin.

Vitamin B 1 and Vitamin B 2 are required for energy production in the cells. Overt deficiencies are known to cause special forms of dermatitis. Vitamin B 12 is essential for a range of synthetic processes in the cells. The deficiency causes rapid division of skin cells.

Folic acid vitamins participate in many biochemical cascades and are significant for rapidly dividing skin cells. This division of skin cells further results in various kind of skin damage.

Niacin vitamins are used for fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism, which in turn provides extra energy and improves blood flow. The energy produced and improved blood flow prevents the skin from signs of aging. Consumption of Niacin or topical application of this vitamin prevents the occurrence of red patches and rashes on the skin, mainly face and neck.

Vitamin A deficiency makes the skin dry, fragile and prone to wrinkles. Therefore, an optimal amount of this vitamin is also required for healthy skin cells.

Vitamin C and E are essential because of their antioxidant properties that fight the harmful effects of free radicals and improve blood circulation, eventually reducing the risk of premature aging.

Calcium vitamins and iron vitamins are required by human body to reduce skin resilience and ability to heal. Selenium is another mineral required for healthy skin. It is one popular vitamin that aids in prevention of skin cancer. Magnesium vitamins are required for fighting skin infections like cold sores and rashes. Last but not the least; zinc vitamins are responsible for controlling the formation of acne. In both ingested and topical form, zinc tames oil production and plays a crucial role in forming a clear skin by regulating the formation of acne.

Skin vitamins minerals; together form a healthy body and beautiful skin.