April 11, 2008

Who Is At Risk For Getting Boils?

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While there are many people that will never experience the pain of a boil in his or her life, there are some people that seem to be more susceptible to these infections of the follicles. That is exactly what most boils start out as an infection that enters the hair follicle on the skin and causes lots of problems. So, who are the people that are prone to getting these boils?

Those with poor immune systems

People with poor immune systems (meaning their body cannot fight off normal bacteria and infections) are among those who are prone to developing boils. The reason is quite simple. If a boil is caused by an infection, then those with depressed immune systems cannot easily fight off such an infection. People with low immunity can range from the very young, to those sick with the flu, to those that have more serious medical problems such as AIDS.


Those that have either type of diabetes are also prone to developing boils. The reason for this is that they often have a hard time healing after injury or illness. Their bodies have a a difficult time recovering. You may have heard of diabetics with chronic issues from cuts and infections. The same holds true for boils.

Those with poor hygiene or lack of proper nutrition

People that have poor hygiene often experience boils. They are not cleansing the skin, as they should, so hair follicles become infected easily. Many of these issues can be solved with proper baths and showers, however, some people, such as elderly people, or those who are bedridden, may have problems with this. In addition, poor nutrition can also lead to boils. The body needs proper vitamins and minerals to keep skin healthy and without it, it can cause skin issues, including boils.