I just read about the information available on BOILS as I have had three on my face in the last month. What does contipation have to do with boils?

Constipation is closely related to many skin conditions simply because both your colon and your skin are ways in which your body eliminates toxins. If you are constipated and not eliminating toxins that way, then your body will get rid of them in other ways. Boils can also be a chronic deep infection of the skin and you should check with your doctor and have the boils cultured to eliminate the possibility of more serious skin infection.

answered by A N

Both constipation and boils result from the body's inability to eliminate properly.  The first step in helping the body eliminate is to drink a sufficient amount of filtered/purified water.  For the average adult this is a minimum of 2-3 liters of water daily.  It is also important to ensure the lymphatic circulation is adequately supported through such techniques as dry skin brushing and lymphatic massage.  Some people have chronic elimination difficulties and need periodic assistance from a health care practitioner. 

answered by Dr K B N

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